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 Crafting handmade jewellery is a deeply personal and culturally inspired expression for Sarra, drawing inspiration from the vibrant and diverse cultures of the countries she has called home.  To name a few are : Qatar, the land of the most beautiful calligraphy and shapes in bold statements are one of her inspirations. Sydney, where her wire work started and was her passion for a while and she sometimes still uses those skills in her current work, Oman and its calming landscape. She created the “take me to space” pendant there. Her future projects will try to show those colours and bold patterns, mostly geometric in style, mosaics and leather with metal.

Her recent exploration of different methods and techniques embodies her curiosity and hunger to express herself in innovative ways. She takes great joy in creating pieces that she can envisage wearing, and she is committed to crafting tactile, affordable, and wearable jewellery that speaks to the soul of both the maker and the wearer.

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FB: @silvercubsjewellery

Sarra Parmee