Zoe Westbrook

Zoe Slattery Jewellery

I have always had a passion for creating and have tried many crafts but it was when I discovered silversmithing with its endless possibilities that I fell in love.

 I draw inspiration from all of the previous crafts I've tried and I’m inspired by everything around me but mostly it’s the silver.  When melted in small amounts silver is drawn to itself creating a tiny but perfect little ball, it’s therapeutic to watch & feels like magic.

Zoe Slattery Jewellery

I then use these little granules to adorn my work, anything from a little dusting to enveloping the entire piece creating a beautifully tactile finish. My work is often mistaken for having stones in as the light reflects off the many surfaces.

I aim to create pieces for people who want something unique, that value craftsmanship over mass production & want something timeless they can treasure.

Web: www.loveflo.co.uk

Instagram: @loveflojewellery

Email: loveflojewellery@aol.com

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