Zoe Westbrook

Zoe’s granulated collection is created by firstly making a variety of different sized granules before using them to adorn her hand crafted pieces.

Zoe Westbrook Jewellery Zoe Westbrook Jewellery

 The granules are individually soldered into place, sometimes completely covering the piece to create a textured look or kept simple with a light dusting.

Zoe Westbrook Jewellery

 The versatility of what can be achieved with granulation is what inspires Zoe’s work.

Zoe Westbrook Jewellery Zoe Westbrook Jewellery

  Zoe Westbrooks work is available though her brand new website launching this October, you can also contact her via instagram or email.

Web: www.loveflo.co.uk

Instagram: @loveflojewellery

Email: loveflojewellery@aol.com

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