Abigail Stradling

Award-winning contemporary jewellery designs in precious metal and glass.  Abigail's signature glass jewellery combines hand-blown hollow Pyrex forms and lampworking with precious metals, creating work that is truly unique.

Abigail Stradling Jewellery

Web: www.abigailstradling.co.uk

Email:  abistradling@hotmail.co.uk

Facebook: @AbigailStradlingjewellery

Abigail Stradling Jewellery Abigail Stradling Jewellery

 The distinctive Time Series encapsulates natural materials such as wood and sand, evoking a sense of place, time and memory.

Abigail Stradling Jewellery

Her second collection explores the concept of Symbiosis through the relationship between colourful lampworked glass and silver.

Abigail also creates a popular range of ear climbers; unique stud earrings that are worn on the earlobe. Abigail exhibits throughout the UK and is based in Hampshire.

Abigail Stradling Jewellery Abigail Stradling Jewellery

 Abigail's work can be viewed on her website. Most is made to order and can be purchased simply by getting in touch.

Phone: 07732322012

Instagram:  @abigailstradling

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