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Summer Jewels 2024

Winter Jewels 2023

Spring Jewels 2023

Winter Jewels 2022

Summer Jewels 2022

Winter Jewels 2021

Summer Jewels 2021

Winter Jewels Online 2020

Spring Jewels 2020

Winter Jewels 2019

Summer Jewels The Nutshell 2019

Winter Jewels Exhibition 2018

Spring Jewels, Petersfield 2018

Winter Jewels VI Exibition 2017

Black Swan Arts, Frome 2017

Winter Jewels V Exhibition 2016

Forest Jewels 2016

Winter Jewels IV Exhibitions 2015

Walford Mill Sep 2015

Summer Jewels Exhibition July 2015

Winter Jewels III Exhibition December 2014

Jewellers on Tour Exhibitions 2014

Winter Jewels II Exhibition December 2013

New Street Exhibition Salisbury Oct. 2013

Winter Jewels 2Exhibition Dec 2012

Hilliers Exhibition May 2012

Scrap Box Challenge

Events past and in the future.