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David J Lilly is colour-blind and was sadly discouraged at school from pursuing an artistic career.

In 2018 David’s jewellery making started with fold-forming that matched his personal aesthetic akin to the Mid-Century Modern.  This lead to in 2019 David creating three Collections to start his work as a jeweller.  These were Menhir (which is about being monolithic), Chevron - inspired by the work of Barbara Hepworth & lastly Outline where each item of jewellery’s shape mimics its gem.

In 2020 David created Luutia combining organic forms with a Brutalist aesthetic. Then Continuum which leant towards the early Mid-Century Modern and a Celtic knot. Lastly Darricarrere that emulates the work of the Dalle de Verre stained glass designer Roger Darricarrere,

In 2021 David began with Eir - based around the metaphysical properties of shapes & gems. Then Sputnik, made from Aurora Opal, with a similar aesthetic to Menhir.  Finally Ottogano, an eight sided form set with coloured gemstones.

Insta: davidjlillyjewellery


David J. Lilly