Winter Jewels Online 2020

As we are unable to have our usual Winter Jewels exhibition this year, we have designed a Winter Jewels Gallery for you, our valued customers, to showcase the work of many of your favourite jewellers at ACJ Wessex.  

Here you will find examples of their work together with contact details and information about how you can arrange to purchase from them directly if you wish.  Please note that ACJ Wessex cannot facilitate sales of the work – this must be done directly with the jeweller concerned.

We would of course love to see you in person but we are afraid this is not possible this Christmas.  

Members taking part:-

Lucy Payne Silver Jewellery

Lucy Payne

George Ettridge jewellery

Georgina Ettridge

Sylvia Tomkinson Silver Jewellery

Sylvia Tomkinson

Dawn Gear Jewellery

Dawn Gear

Wendy Nutt Jewellery

Wendy Nutt

Gill Mallett

Sharon Justice

Anna Boella

Sharon Justice Jewellery Syd Meats Bangle

Syd Meats

Rosie Wesley Jewellery

Rosie Wesley

Ruta Brown reticulated jewllery

Ruta Brown

Gill Mallett Jewellery

Helena Symes

Monica Wilson Jewellery

Monica Wilson

Jill Clark

Cathy McCarthy

Jill Clark jewellery Helena Symes Jewellery Louise Taylor Ring

Louise Taylor

Abigail Stradling Jewellery

Abigail Stradling

Lyn Eales Jewellery

Lyn Eales

Jocelyn Tallis

Jocelyn Tallis Jewellery Cathy McCarthy Jewellery David Corbin ring

David Corbin

Candida Matterson

Candida Matterson

Anna Boella Jewellery Sue Tinkler Glass

Sue Tinkler

Zoe Westbrook Jewellery

Zoe Westbrook

Karen Robbertze sea glass jewellery

Karen Robbertze

Jo Lally Jewellery

Jo Lally

For further information about hallmarks and their meaning please visit the   

Dealer’s Notice  page.

Association for Contemporary Jewellery  Wessex Group

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