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Monica Wilson

With a life-long passion for the environment and active conservation work, Monica draws inspiration from the textures, shapes and colours of nature.

Monica Wilson Earrings Monica Wilson Pendant Monica Wilson pendant Monica Wilson Earrings Monica Wilson earrings MOnica Wilson Pendant

Life-like silver bees perching on honeycomb, cast oak leaves, acorns, ginkgo and sycamore, enamel butterflies, flowers and chalk-stream inspired brooches are all examples of my collection.  

Designed and hand made by me using silver-smithing techniques such as casting, repousse and hand-forming.  I add colour using enamel, gold, pearls and amber.  Burnishing adds flashes of sunlight.  

My training has been with many specialist experts, including: Jinks McGrath, Fabrizio Acquafresca, Jessica Turrell, and at Goldmiths, City Lit and elsewhere.

  1. A selection of Monica's jewellery is available at her online shop at  

2.  Her website shows a broader range of items, some of which may be available, or similar made to commission, subject to available time, please see

3.  A small range of items is also held by 75 New Street Gallery, New Street, Salisbury and can be seen by appointment arranged with the proprietor Elinor Cambray, please call 07892 684676


Instagram: @creativewoodandsilver


Facebook  @creativewoodandsilverjewellery

Phone: 07539424704

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